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My Love

This page is dedicated to my wonderful, caring, and very loving boyfriend, Marty Massie. He is the sweetest guy I have ever met in my life and I care for him very much. I know he feels the same way about me. He is sure to tell me how much I mean to him every day.

How We Met

Me and Marty met October 9th, 1998 at a RocK Hill football game. At the time he and I both were dating other people but not for long. By October 13th, 1998, me and Marty were a couple. We've been together just about a year now.

About Marty

Marty's full name is George Martin Massie but as you already know he goes by Marty. He is about 5'9 and weighs about 135 pds. He has baby blue eyes and short black hair. He is 16 years old. His birthday is March 30th. He lives in Ironton, Ohio. He is a junior and attends school at Rock Hill High School. He just got his license not to long ago but my parents won't let me in a car with him because he is a teenage driver. That sucks. His favorite clothes are Nike, Levi, Fubu, and Zones. He likes to listen to mostly rap. His favorite singers are Tupac and Snoop Doggie Dogg. His favorite actress is Jennifer Love Hewitt. Wonder why? :) His favorite t.v. show would have to be WCW. He thinks Goldberg is the best. His hobbies are talking and hanging out with me :), fishing, and hunting. He does smoke not only cigarettes but Black and Mild Cigars also. He likes to work out alot and you can tell by looking at him or at least I can. He has a love for fighting and for me, of course. I haven't gotten a picture of him scanned yet but I will eventually.

Here are a couple of poems that Marty wrote for me.

How Much I Love You-date unknown
Do you love me or do you not? You told me once, but I forgot. So tell me now and tell me true, So I can tell you... how much I love you!!! of all the people I've ever met your the one I can't forget. And if I die before you do I'll go to heaven and wait for you. If you're not there by judgement day I'll know went the other way. I'll give the angels back there wings and wish the best of everything. But just to prove my love is true I'll go to hell to be with you.

Written May 5th, 1999
Just like the beautiful long stemmed rose your precious memory grows and grows touching my heart and all of those you have loved.
And just like the fragrance of that same rose your love so sweet still flows and flows filling my life with a warmth that shows you will always be there.
So like a forever blooming rose the beauty we shared eternally glows for deep in out hearts each of us knows we will always be here.

Written August 27th, 1999
Once I thought I was in love but then I found out that I was wrong. Then came someone who showed me what love is all about. And then I made her choose and now it's like I'm starting to lose. Now I'm starting to get scared. Because of some of the stuff I have said to the person I can not live without. It seems as if I am driving you away. I just wish I could shut my mouth and hopefullly you will stay. But one thing is certain and will never go away, I will always love the girl that showed me what love is all about.