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More About Me

Name: Breauna Dawn Hunt

Nicknames: Bre, Breezy, Auna, Bredaunda (by my friends Matt and Jeremy)

Age: 15

Birthday: September 8th, 1984

E-mail address:

Hometown: Ironton, Ohio USA

School: Ironton High School Sophmore (10th grade)

Do I drink: yea, moutain dew

Shampoo or Conditioner: both

Have I ever been skinny dipping: no

Favorite Color(s): yellow, blue, silver, and white

Have I ever been convicted of a crime? no

One pillow or two: two

Pets: a boston terrier named Taz, and a hamster named Yoshi. I also have a kitten I keep at my boyfriends house named Kitkat.

Favorite type of music: soft rock, alternative, and country

Hobbies: hanging out with friends, listening to music, talking on the phone, reading and writing poetry, shopping (preferably at the mall), taking pictures, chatting, surfing the web, swimmming, sleeping, fishing, shooting pool, nature hikes, riding four wheelers and hanging out with my boyfriend.

Dream Car: a blue Viper with yellow stripes or a yellow Mustang GT

Type of car I drive now: my legs take me where I want to go or my mom or boyfriend's mom or sister drive me somewhere.

Words of phrases I overuse: "Oh Wow!!!" and "That ain't healthy"

Toothpaste: Fluoride Toothpaste Ultrabrite Whitening Original Mint Flavor

Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Salt and Vinegar chips, pickles, and Beer sausages.

Online Crush: Chris Avila. His pick is in my photoalbum.

Dating status: steady relationship

Piercing or tattoos: I have my belly button peirced

Coolest thing someone ever gave me: A life, of course.

How do I characterize myself: dense :) and really hyper active, easy to get along with

Do I get along with my parents: my mom- most of the dad- rarely

Favorite Ice Cream: chocolate swirl and cookie dough ice cream

Favorite Drink: Moutain Dew

Adidas, Nike or Reebok: Adidas and Nike

What is my bedtime: don't have one

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Tommygirl

Favorite Song at the moment: There's Your Trouble by Dixie Chicks

Favorite Musical Group/Artist: Nirvana, Tupac, Backstreet Boys, Clay Walker, Dixie Chicks, Lila McCann, and Britney Spears.

Favorite Movies: Crybaby, Something About Mary, Heart and Souls, Grease, The Faculty, Blast from the Past, and Varsity Blues.

Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp, Seth Green, and Brian Austin Green.

Favorite Actress: Tiffani-Amber Theisan and Alicia Silverstone

Favorite TV Show: Daria, Days of Our Lives, Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer, Full House, Saved By The Bell, Friends

Favorite Magazine(s): Seventeen, Twist, Teen, YM

Favorite School Subject: World History

Least Favorite Subject: Biology

Favorite Sport to Watch: Hockey and Football

Favorite Sport to Play: Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, and Basketball, and shoot pool if that is considered a sport. :)

IRL Friends: (best friends) Jessica Blackburn, Marty Massie (friends) Dennis Look, Kelly Gruber, Jerry Hinman, Thelma Gunter, Jeremy Barnes, Matt Bishop, Chris Huff, Britney Eldridge, Amanda Slaughter, Amanda Sanborn, John Douglas, , Bradley Hinman, Shanna Elswick, Shanna Lucas, Scott Turley, Scott Roberts, Heather West, Tiffany Huff, Scott Curnell, Candace Jones, Alison Lewis,Amanda Hesse, and Paul Wilson. If I forgot anyone let me know and I'll add you.

Online Friends: Chris, Ankid, April Main, Brady Manning, Brandy, Eric, Hermes, Charlie Russel, Jeremy, Maaria, Sam and Mindy Posey, Sondra Egger, Trish Partin, Becka, John Williams, David, Deathkiller2000, Jonathan Webber, and Zoey. Same here- if I forgot anyone let me know k?

Loudest person I know: Probably myself

Craziest or silliest person I know: Dennis

Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day or got birthday!

What do I look for in the opposite: Trust, nice looks, good
sense of humor, sweet and caring, and honesty.

Chat Programs: ICQ (18776220 nick Breauna15), mIRC (Breauna, Breauna15, ), YahooChat (Breauna15).

Physical Traits: Check out my picture. 5'4, 105 lbs., Brown hair with blonde highlights, and blue eyes

Jeans: JNCO's, Mudd, l.e.i., levi's, and Pluggs.

Shoes: Adidas

Glasses/contacts: neither

Religion: Baptist

Collections: pictures, keychains, and babies(not real ones of course...they're porcelain)

"Crushes": Marty Massie (my boyfriend), Chris Avila (internet friend) Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake (from NSYNC), Kurt Cobain (even though he is dead), Billy Joe Armstrong (from Greenday).

Personality Traits: outgoing, sarcastic, weird, caring, mature when I need to be and immature when I don't, hyper active, thoughtful, laid-back

Addictions/Simple Pleasures: crying during sad movies, Moutain Dew, Big Red gum, monkeys, best friend stuff, stuffed animals , the Internet, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, dolphins, JNCO's, quotes, poetry, socks, panties and bras.

Favorite Sport/Team: North Carolina Tarheels

Major Areas of Interest/Hobbies: Marty, writing and reading poetry, surfing the web, chatting, friends and family, music, hanging out at the mall, the telephone.

Deceased Family Members: biological father-Richie Moore, both great-grandma's on mothers side, grandfather on step-fathers side, and great uncle on maternal gradmother's side.

Pajamas: boxers and a tee-shirt or sweatshirt

Dislikes: math, little kids that are way out of control, Pepsi, big dogs, people telling me to watch my mouth, girls hitting on my boyfriend, violence, jealousy, people that are always looking for trouble, people trying to act like me or someone other than themselves, stuck-up people

Favorite Season: summer

Biggest Fears: the end of time, looking stupid, snakes, dogs, fighting with friends, breaking up with Marty

Bed Sheets: yellow and blue

Shoe Size: 6 1/2

Family: Father (Ironton Iron), Mother (Wal-Mart), step-brother Bobby (17, senior, step-dad's side), half-brother Michael (14, dad's side), half-brother Joshua (12, dad's side), half-brother Adam (11, mom's side), half-brother Trenton (10, dad's side), half-brother Aaron (9, mom's side.

YoU ArE ThE CrEAtURe TO vISiT ThIS pAGe!!!


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